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Our routesetting team works year-round to bring the community a variety of creative and challenging climbs for all levels of climbing. Lincoln Heights sees a reset of two walls per week (one bouldering wall and one rope wall). This schedule brings fresh, new climbs on a weekly basis, while providing enough time between sets to work on your projects. See our setting schedule below.


  • Sport routes are generally graded in difficulty from 5.5 to 5.14+ (easy to hard).
  • Boulder problems are generally graded in difficulty from VB to V10+ (easy to hard).
  • The color of the tag represents the grade grouping: green, blue, yellow, red, or black (easy to hard).
  • The color of the holds denotes the path of the climb.
  • Tags denote both the grade (i.e. “5.9” or “V1”) and where you begin the climb.
  • “2nd Hand” tags denote an additional secondhand start hold.
  • For sport routes, climbs are finished by reaching the top or clipping your rope through the two anchors.
  • For boulder problems, climbs are finished either by topping out or finishing at the last hold or “Finish” tag.
sport scale
bouldering scale


  • Black & gray volumes are always on!
  • Colored volumes are specific to that colored route.
  • Wall features like aretes are always on!
  • Cracks are always off!


Lincoln Heights has 10 rope wall sections, 4 bouldering sections, and The Pit: a world-class training area with a 40° Tension Board 2, 20° Tension Board, campus boards, and hangboards.

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We have all of our climbs listed on the Kaya app, which can be downloaded on the Apple or Google Play store.
  1. Download the Kaya app & create an account.
  2. Add The Stronghold locations to your list.
  3. Navigate to either location where you can find routes and/or problems by wall sections.
  4. Log sends, attempts, and add beta videos!
  5. Give feedback to the community with rating, grading, comments, and more!


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