The Stronghold Climbing Gym


We do not have a required minimum climbing age.  However, to get the most out of a visit, we recommend that climbers at our Lincoln Heights location be age 6+, while we recommend that climbers at our Echo Park location be age 8+. 

Our Echo Park gym is exclusively bouldering, so that falls are caught by pads.  Little ones need to be kept out of the fall zone of other climbers.

At our Lincoln Heights location, your child can use our autobelays with your supervision after you receive a brief orientation from a staff member. Your child can also climb on top-rope with a belayer that is certified at our gym. Belayers are not provided by the gym. Lincoln Heights also has bouldering terrain. 

Interested in learning how to belay your child? Sign up for our Intro to Rope Climbing class! No experienced is required, but you must be 14 or older to belay.

Minors must be actively supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. All minors must have a waiver on file, which must be completed and signed by their parent or guardian (not a family friend or relative).



The Stronghold Recreational Climbing Team is an after-school and weekend recreational climbing program designed for youth who want to explore climbing and build their skills in a supportive group environment. The team is designed for kids…



Climb, boulder, craft, and make new friends at The Stronghold Climbing Camps! Our camps develop young climber’s skills in the vertical world. Camp is geared towards climbers ages 6-14. We will introduce fun challenges.



Every first Friday of the month, we’ll be offering $10 day passes (with rental chalk and shoes included) for local youth at our Echo Park location from 1-5pm.

Please note that all climbers under 18 years of age need to have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian, and children need to be actively supervised at all times.
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