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Rock climbing, in all its forms, is inherently dangerous. At The Stronghold, we teach and recommend methods upheld as best practices by the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) and various other global climbing organizations. These methods, along with repeated and habitual safety checks and other forms of protection used while climbing, can mitigate but not eliminate the risk inherent in this sport. We strongly recommend taking our classes or learning from certified instructors in order to explore this sport in the safest way possible.

The gear you’ll need depends on what type of climbing you’ll be doing. If you’re bouldering, for example, you will only need climbing shoes. If you are using our autobelays, you’ll also need a harness. Many prefer to use chalk, as well; chalk absorbs any sweat or natural oils in our hands, allowing us to grip holds more easily.

Our rental package includes shoes, a harness, and chalk for $6 per person, although you may rent everything individually if needed.

You may use your regular shoes if that is your preference, but we do recommend climbing shoes. They are shaped to allow you to put pressure onto small holds, and the fit is generally more snug.

An autobelay is a machine that allows a person to climb without a belayer. It takes slack as the climber ascends, and, when the climber lets go, the autobelay slowly lowers them back down to the ground. Please ask for an autobelay orientation (a free, five-minute process) from one of our staff members to make sure you know how to use this properly. We have ten autobelays at our Lincoln Heights location.
No! You can visit The Stronghold at any time during our regular business hours. If you would like to take a class, however, you will need to register ahead of time.
We have two types of climbing at The Stronghold that do not require instruction or prior experience: bouldering and autobelays. While we do encourage you to take our Bouldering 101 class and ask staff for one of our free, five-minute autobelay orientations, you do not need an instructor in order to partake in these two forms of climbing! If you are interested in one-on-one instruction, learn more about our private training offerings.
We offer free five-minute autobelay orientations and bouldering orientations, as well as a general tour of the facility. To learn about technique, how to belay, and more, you will need to sign up for one of our introductory classes or request a private training session.

To climb using the ropes at our gym, you need to take a belay test with one of our staff members. If you belay safely and properly, you may use the ropes (either top rope or lead, depending on which test you take). All tests must be completed using a tube-style belay device without assisted braking features. Once you pass the test, you may use the belay device of your choice.

If you are not ready to take the test, you may practice belaying with an autobelay backup. In other words, your climber must clip into an autobelay in addition to tying into the rope.

If you have never belayed before, we highly recommend taking our Intro to Rope Climbing class, which will teach you everything you need to know in 90 minutes! Poor technique can have catastrophic consequences, so don’t hesitate to learn from the best!

If your partner is belay-certified at The Stronghold, they can belay you, even if you are not certified yourself. You just won’t be able to return the favor just yet!


There is no minimum age, but our climbing options are generally inaccessible to kids under the age of five. Other classes and programs, however, do have age minimums. Our recreational team and summer camps require participants to be at least six years old, and our introductory classes are for those ages 14 and older.

We allow children under four years old to visit for free.

Adults must stay and actively supervise their children as they explore and climb.


Yes, absolutely. We have an Adaptive Climbing Club, which you can learn more about here.

Our autobelays have a weight limit of 310lbs. Our top rope options do not have a weight limit, but significant weight differences between the climber and the belayer will pose challenges and potential safety hazards to the belaying process.

facility and offerings

Our tallest bouldering wall is 16ft., and our tallest wall in the ropes area is 46ft.

Our Echo Park location is exclusively a bouldering gym. Our Lincoln Heights location has a bouldering section, top ropes, sport routes, three cracks, and ten autobelays.

We rent harnesses, shoes, and liquid chalk. We also rent ATCs and lead ropes for free!

While belay tests must be taken using a non-locking tube-style belay device (e.g., an ATC), you can use any device that you know how to use safely once you’ve passed our certification test.

Your lead rope needs to be at least 40 meters long.


If you would like to visit, you can purchase a day pass and, if you don’t have your own, rental gear. See pricing here. Our day passes last the entire day, so feel free to go grab lunch and come back afterward!

We also offer monthly memberships. Learn more here.

Yes! We have a fitness/yoga day pass for $20 per person. Yoga classes are only available at our Lincoln Heights location.
No! You can visit The Stronghold at any time during our regular business hours. If you would like to take a class, however, you will need to register ahead of time.
Yes! However, you will still need to fill out our waiver.
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