Your first visit

First-time visitors to the Stronghold will need to fill out our waiver.  You may complete it online or complete it when you arrive. 

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If you would like to explore whether you enjoy climbing without committing to the Introduction to Climbing class, you are welcome to come in and boulder for the day.  Our staff can provide you tips as well as information regarding how to minimize risk while bouldering.   You can also use our five autobelay devices (which provide a way to try roped climbing without having a skilled partner manage the belay).

If you would like to aquire the skills to try roped climbing independently, we recommend that you take a class (with us or a local climbing club, etc) or apprentice with a climber friend who can teach you the required skills.  When you are confident in the skills discussed here, you can then take a belay test at the Stronghold.  When you pass you'll be able to belay other climbers in the gym. 

You might wonder how you will find climbing partners once you have belay skills and are ready for roped climbing.   You can use the whiteboard in the gym to post when you are at the gym and in need of a partner.   You can also post messages to other climbers about your availability on our community corkboard.  In addition, there is a Facebook group called Stronghold Climbing Gym Buddy Maker you can join; you can post to find a climbing partner.   Finally, you might try talking with our staff and other climbers in the gym about your need for a partner; we have all been in need of a belay at one time or another and will try to help! 

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to ask them in person or contact us via phone or email.  

We hope your first trip to the Stronghold inspires a passion for climbing!