Group Activities at the Stronghold

Corporate group?  Scout troop?  School group?  Home-school group?  Want to have a group activity at the Stronghold?

You are welcome to use space upstairs or downstairs (before, after or during your event) to meet with your group or socialize.  You will have at least two instructor/belayers.  We'll provide all of the gear and instruction needed to climb the walls.  Our instructors can also help you work toward your team-building goals; just let us know if the event is designed to help your group develop any particular set of skills. 

Pricing: $38 per climber.  $304 minimum (8 climbers).   To reserve, please send us an email at with your preferred time and the approximate number of climbers you anticipate. 

We'd love to climb with your group, and would be happy to tailor a program to suit your needs.