2018 Community Crushers Comp



#1 October 1st - 5th

#2 October 8th - 12th

#3 October 15th - 29th

#4 Friday, October 26th - HALLOWEEN PARTY & PRIZES!

The competition will be recurring for 3 weeks and finishing on Friday Oct. 26th (see above). For each competition week, you will have 2 hours to compete. You may enter the comp as an individual or as a team of 2, 3, 4 or 5 people and climb routes, problems or both. You can come in with your team anytime of the day to start. There are many comp categories that allow for beginner climbers to pro climbers to win something. It’s all about your strategy. See the Comp Rules & Tips sheet for more details. On the Finale Friday (Oct. 26th) we will have a lights out Halloween party! At the end of the night the results of the 4 competition days will be tallied, the winners will be announced, and we will party! So, put together your team or go solo and prepare for an epic time! For more info visit

Registration                           Members            Non-Members

Pre-register by Sep. 28th        $15                  $25

Day of competition                  $20                  $35



  1. Your team must compete on the same day and time
  2. You have 2 hours to compete every week
  3. You can add members to your team at any time but no drop outs
  4. There are lots of categories to win in (see below). Each team/competitor can only win one category so that we can spread the prizes across the community.
  5. You cannot use a personal hired belayer to win. All belayers must be part of the team. We know your tricks. ;)

Prize Categories

  • Most points - Focus on climbing the hardest climbs in the gym!
  • El Cap (most elevation climbed) - Focus on climbing as many climbs as you can as fast as you can!
  • Most completed adjacent routes or problems in a row
  • Male & female individual categories
  • Kids prizes
  • Dyno comp (Friday Oct. 26) • Best team name
  • Best costume