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private event

Private events

Interested in a school field trip, scouting event, or other large group event at the Stronghold? Please fill out the form below with the expected group size and date you would like to climb, and we will let you know if and when we can accommodate you.

Please note that we typically need at least four weeks’ notice to schedule large classes and sessions.

Children's Birthday Parties

We do not host children’s birthday parties. We love welcoming children to the world of climbing through our recreational and competitive climbing teams and group events. The less structured format of a birthday party can be unwieldy in our space.

Corporate Parties and Team-Building

We offer group events for colleagues to experience climbing together.  Let us know in the form below about the event you envision.

Adult Groups

Adult groups are welcome to use the gym together with day passes, or can contact us below regarding the possibility of arranging for an instructor or belayers. We can accommodate after-hours events at our Echo Park location. 


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in filming at our Echo Park location.  We regret that we cannot accommodate commercial film shoots in Lincoln Heights. 

Local School and Community Groups

We host many field trips and summer groups at the gym, and can help your group get experience in the vertical world!  We are especially eager to support access to the gym for local school and non-profit community groups whose members might otherwise not get a chance to try climbing. We offer free and reduced-price events for under-resourced groups. If you are a local teacher or community leader working with a group of people who might benefit from exposure to climbing, please let us know by filling out the form below. 

Events Form

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